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Magic Growing Crystal Christmas Tree

Magic Growing Crystal Christmas Tree MuchToGo Green Tree

Magic Growing Crystal Christmas Tree

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Can't wait for Christmas?

Can't wait to decorate your tree?

This year, why don't you grow and decorate a Christmas tree of your own?

With our Magic Grow Christmas Tree Set, you will have a chance to watch how your Christmas tree grows and blossoms into beautiful flowers! Just separate the branches and see how it magically grow!

A perfect project that inspires your children's desire for scientific exploration.

How to see the magic?

1. Open the bottom cross of the paper tree trunk and insert it into the chassis slot.

2. Separate the branches of the paper by hand according to the cutting marks.

Tip: The more open the branches are, the more room for growth, and the more beautiful your Christmas tree will be.

3. Put the paper tree in a proper position, and then cut the growth water packaging, and pour the water into the case (no need to pour it into the Christmas tree). After about 2 to 3 hours, you can see the branches start to grow. Then wait 15 to 24 hours to see the fully-grown Christmas tree!

  • Package list: two paper trees, a bag of raw water, and a chassis.

  • Material: Paper

  • Size: about 14 * 7CM / 5.51 * 2.76 inches


1- Does it ever dry up?

A: It doesn't exactly "dry up." The liquid is absorbed into the trees and causes the crystals to grow, which means that it's completely dry by the time the tree has fully grown.

2- I have one...unopened. Will it last until next year? If i forgot to make it.

A: As long as it remains unopened, yes, it should still work next year.

3- Does it have to be at a certain temperature?

A: Not necessarily. The room temperature will work just fine.

4- Does it come with garland and a star for decorating?

A: Indeed it does!

5- Are the crystals edible? What happens if a small child ingests them?

A: No they are not. You should keep this product out of reach of small children who are still learning not to put everything they find in their mouths.

6- Can you make the tree shrink again?

A: No you cannot. The tree cannot be reused once it has been grown.

7- What kind of crystals does it grow? How does it work?

A: It's entirely magic. Magic crystals, magic process, magic growing liquid... magic all the way down.

8- How long will it be good for (how long until the crystals fall off)?

A: The needles are fragile, so if you're VERY careful with it the tree can last for several days or even up to a week.

9- Is this like a chia pet or chia Bob Ross or different altogether? Will the green leaves or crystals fall off in like 5 years?

A: Not exactly. Chia Pets are clay pots on which you can grow a small patch of grass. The Magic Christmas tree is a cardboard cutout of a tree that has been treated with a special chemical that grows tiny crystals.
The "needles" are very fragile, so if the tree is left unmolested it can last for several weeks.
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